Board Game Miniature Painting

I originally started to paint miniature kits, or random miniatures I found cool. Eventually I started painting hero quest miniatures. I could not finish all the mini but still managed to do almost a copy of each mini.

I still have a few board games that has miniatures, I could be thinking in also painting theses mini, but board games with many are very expansive these days and I intend to acquire very few of them. Some of them are already painted like Hero Scape. Not sure I still have paint that has not yet dried. Games with miniatures also tend to take a lot of space, which I don't have anymore.


This page will focus on miniatures which comes from Board Games. The mini are grouped by game. Considering miniatures are 3D, I decided to take a picture of the front and the back and try to arrange the pictures in pairs. The photography was also super difficult to prevent the picture from being blurry. I had to use daylight to increase my chance of success.