Hero Quest

This is the first and currently only board game I tried painting miniatures. I ended up always painting for fun, rather to make sure that everything is colored, so I spent more time painting each miniature and rarely did multiple copies of the same miniature except for a group or orcs that I tried to create variety with the same unit.

The other fun part about Hero Quest is that it's no just about painting miniatures, but also painting furniture. In fact, I find the furniture in HQ more interesting than the rest of the game. I could have fun trying to interior design the rooms of the dungeon. The tiles were also gorgeous and could spent a lot of time contemplating the floor.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to play this game a lot because we were at most 2 players. So it always ended as a 1 vs 1 game. The only fun I could retain from the game is looking at it's components. The game was far from being perfect, there are much better dungeon crawlers today. But none of them are as good looking a Hero Quest, and one of the reason is the interior design. I rarely evaluate a game by it's aesthetics but this one is very impressive.


I decided to group the miniatures by categories found in the original game. I might also have some story text to say about since those mini had much more history than the others. You'll have a picture of the front and the back since they are 3D.


The first miniature I did was the mummy because it consisted in a single color. I learned later that mummy bandages where not bleach white, so the painting is a bit unrealistic. Same thing for the skeleton, bones are white, but no spic and span white. Later on the furniture I managed to do a relatively good skull. Finally for the zombie, there is a bit more details in the hair, but that's it. I also followed the color scheme that was proposed by the game. The gloss finish is also very ugly, but for a board game, it could be more resistant to manipulation.

undead_01a.jpg: 594x867, 66k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) undead_01b.jpg: 579x831, 58k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
undead_02a.jpg: 573x786, 54k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) undead_02b.jpg: 606x789, 54k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
undead_03a.jpg: 630x616, 59k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) undead_03b.jpg: 738x744, 81k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)

The heroes of the game, I started with the barbarian due to the limited amount of color. Unfortunately, it made it very bland, I could have added some shadows in there, but was not aware of the technique at that time. The wizard was pretty interesting, I was surprised that I could make a beautiful symmetric moon on his chest with 2 brush strokes. I think I got my very thin brush at that moment. The elf was done last, and there is a bit more effects. For example, the sword is not all silver, and there is some dry brush in the hair.

I think I also used a semi gloss finish (floor varnish) use on the elf made a good in between between the super gloss and flat. The wizard had the gloss finish, but I think there was either excess varnish or some bubbles as some spots have thicker vanish. As you can see I never managed to paint the dwarf.

heroes_01a.jpg: 548x756, 72k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) heroes_01b.jpg: 548x750, 68k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
heroes_02a.jpg: 660x764, 77k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) heroes_02b.jpg: 662x762, 75k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
heroes_03a.jpg: 536x1044, 67k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) heroes_03b.jpg: 519x1053, 65k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)

I first started with the goblin and gave my first try at dry brushing yellow on the green skin. Then I wanted to do a larger set of miniatures, so I decided to paint a group of 3 orcs. I made the mistake of using a paint can as primer that was not working with the rest of my paint, so it was not sticking on the primer. So I had to use solvent to remove the primer and start over again. I wanted to make each orc similar but still have some differences besides the color of their shirt. Later the sword of the orc broke during a photo shoot. I think it's because I previously put the mini in ziplock bags and some pressure was put on the sword during the storage. Very unfortunate.

goblinoid_01a.jpg: 609x819, 89k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) goblinoid_01b.jpg: 627x825, 93k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
goblinoid_02a.jpg: 555x834, 80k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) goblinoid_02b.jpg: 573x849, 83k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
goblinoid_03a.jpg: 718x752, 81k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) goblinoid_03b.jpg: 714x792, 88k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
goblinoid_04a.jpg: 574x738, 60k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) goblinoid_04b.jpg: 590x756, 62k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)

The witch lord was pretty simple, one of the issue was that the floor color would have been the same color as the cloth. Not knowing how to do shadows between 2 sections, I decided to put pale gray on the floor. The chaos warrior is awesome. I tried to optimize my steal metallic color which I really liked. I managed to do some dry brushing on the mail and the edges of the armor which gives it a nice look. The gloves are a bit bland and lack variation, but that is my only complaint.

elite_01a.jpg: 744x906, 92k (January 05, 2019, at 07:32 PM) elite_01b.jpg: 741x891, 90k (January 05, 2019, at 07:36 PM)
elite_02a.jpg: 879x828, 110k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) elite_02b.jpg: 876x825, 111k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)

Finally the furniture, I managed to do only 3 pieces. For those who does not know Heroquest, only the top section is made of plastic, thus paintable. The only exception is the weapon rack that is entirely made of plastic. I don't think the game really supplied any color scheme for those furniture, there is no picture of them elsewhere, so I pretty much had to improvise. I liked how I managed to do the writing in the book using a pre-made purple wash. I also managed to do a much better skull on the bookshelf, I should have used the same technique on all previous skeletal figures.

furniture_01a.jpg: 1528x1312, 276k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) furniture_01b.jpg: 1400x1064, 220k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
furniture_02a.jpg: 1832x1304, 386k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) furniture_02b.jpg: 1796x1228, 309k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)
furniture_03a.jpg: 1668x1188, 284k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM) furniture_03b.jpg: 1584x976, 180k (January 05, 2019, at 07:37 PM)