TMNT Lego : The turtle Lair

So for my first environment, I tried to create a lair where the turtle lives. I tried to use all the blocks I had, and tried to put most of the paintings in the room. As it makes thematically sense to put those paintings there. There will not be maybe locations where it would make sense to use those paintings.

Scene 1: Breakfast at the lair

The turtle sit quietly and eating while the enemy is preparing to ambush.

turtlelair_s1_01.jpg: 4608x2352, 1475k (January 02, 2019, at 04:00 PM) turtlelair_s1_02.jpg: 4608x3456, 1902k (January 02, 2019, at 04:00 PM)

Scene 2: Ambush!

Everybody, draw your weapons!

turtlelair_s2_01.jpg: 4608x2848, 2654k (January 02, 2019, at 04:10 PM)

Scene 3: Improvise

Leo is getting disarmed, don is using the enemy, against the enemy and mike is doing some fancy wall jump.

turtlelair_s3_01.jpg: 4480x2232, 2117k (January 02, 2019, at 04:28 PM) turtlelair_s3_02.jpg: 4608x2992, 1771k (January 02, 2019, at 04:27 PM)

Scene 4: Taking control

The turtles starts taking control of the fight. Raphael runs for cover.

turtlelair_s4_01.jpg: 4608x2744, 2595k (January 02, 2019, at 04:37 PM) turtlelair_s4_02.jpg: 4608x3304, 2372k (January 02, 2019, at 04:37 PM)

Scene 5: Kicking butts

Let's finish off the fight by kicking off the ennemy. Combo attack against beebop.

turtlelair_s5_01.jpg: 4608x2808, 2809k (January 02, 2019, at 04:47 PM) turtlelair_s5_02.jpg: 4608x2992, 1812k (January 02, 2019, at 04:47 PM)