Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

It all started when I saw a Donatello lego miniature at the dollar store. Those Mega Block mini where much more interesting that the lego man version because they were completely articulated. Which Allowed me to put them in interesting position.

tmnt_donatello.jpg: 471x679, 79k (January 04, 2019, at 05:46 PM)

I started with Donatello (my favorite character) as a desk decoration and I quickly got all 4 characters. I found the bad guys at walmart, and eventually they got rid of their stocks so I could get them for cheaper. I finally bought some generic grayish blocks with some base and started to build up environments.

We rarely see lego as a form of art, but for me it's an expression of my creativity using blocks. It also give certain constraints to think about because the number of blocks are limited. I do not use a plan, I create new structure out of the blocks I have. The mental process is much more interesting.

I wanted to created some kind of story by positioning characters and make them move over time using the same environment. I am sure I could make a comic book this way, but my lack of time prevent me from doing a full comic book. I don't thinks my stories would be that much interesting. So it's simply a series of picture in a time line.

I also got a mega man miniatures, but unfortunately, it's at the wrong scale. It would have been awesome to mix both of them together.


The way the pictures are organized is by story. Each page is a different environment where you can follow the entire timeline. As you will see, It also makes me practice my photography skills. Lot of issue with the lighting and the flash. Some pictures I had to use custom shutter speed.

  • Turtle lair
    The turtles are quietly eating at home when suddenly, they are ambushed.
  • Sewer fall
    Playing around in the sewer, they meet some opposition when crossing a river.
  • Dock Assault
    The foot clan is moving merchandise at the docks, it's time to stop them.
  • Miscellaneous
    Various build that I made without any stories.