Art Rage

After playing with art academy, I wanted to have a similar software but for my tablet to be able to do more digital painting. The problem with many digital paining software is that they do not try to reproduce real mediums, the act only as computer software. But Art Rage is the exception, it reproduce relatively well any medium and simulate blending of colors with the shortage of paint on the brush. I tried many softwares and Art Rage is the closest to this. Here is a demonstration of the android interface that I am using.

artrage_screenshots.jpg: 887x386, 98k (January 04, 2019, at 05:35 PM)

A good thing is that I can now upload them from my phone/tablet directly on this website making the publication of the painting easier. It's only problematic if I need to watermark them. On the other hand, the software has limitations compared to Art Academy. There does not seem to be on color palette so save previously used colors. That is problematic for me who is color blind the most I can do is use the pipette. There also does not seems to be on canvas blending after the color is painted. There is a way to smudge and blur colors, but it does not mix the color hue together.


I grouped the galleries by subject. I expect that most of my digital paintings will be done with art rage, so expect to see a lot of stuff eventually.

  • Mega Man
    A series of mega man paintings I made from the book of megaman artwork that I have.
  • Random Gallery
    A random gallery of picture I made including tests and exploration.