Art Academy

This page contains everything I painted with art academy. Most of the paintings are actually paintings from the art academy software. This is the first place I learned about paining and the results are pretty interesting. I really liked my experience, you learn a lot from this software.

I also tried to make a few paintings of my own. Either from an illustration or either from my mind. Art Academy does not only teach paining but also pencil and pastel. All mediums are included here. Here is a screenshot of the paint palette.

Il also have the pokemon game. It's more about drawing than painting. I have not finished the game yet, so I might upload them later.

So far, it is the best true painting software I ever worked with. The only drawback is the limited screen size and the complexity of transferring the pictures on the computer.


I decided to group the lessons by medium category and made another page with all the paintings I made on on my own.