Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

In order to perform artistic activities without skills, I thought that a coloring book for adults would be perfect for me. So looked around a bit to see what was available and I found a TMNT coloring book.

Not only I like the theme, but it covers 3 series of comics, the the, the old tv show and the original comic book. Which creates 3 different drawing style.

At first, I wanted to use coloring pencil, but it requires some strength in the hands that I lost with my wound, to I switched to ink markers. I was never a fan of markers, but it seems to work better for coloring as it remains precise. The only issue is that stokes can bleed over each other leaving marks in the color.

I also tried coloring with my off hand using markers since it does not require a lot of strength to manipulate. I am trying to see if it can improve my ambidexterity. I might give it a try later with coloring pencil since I have less pain on that hand.


I'll think I'll sort this gallery by Art Style of the book. I simply scannned the pages of the book. Some portion on the edge near the binding might get cut or distorted.

  • Comic Book
  • Original TV Series
  • New TV Series