Welcome to my Art Gallery

This website contains almost all the pieces of art I made until now. As you can see, I have explored a lot of different medium. The reason is that I never really considered my self as an artist because I did not have any talent. But I always loved doing artistic activities, it allows me to focus my mind on my work on not on everything else. It feels almost the same when playing pool.

When I started to design board games, and eventually video games, artwork is most of the time required. I learned a lot about graphic design with Inkscape, but it's more useful to design window frames or card layout than actually artwork.

The Exploration

Originally, I stuck to activities that did not required any drawing talent like miniature painting and coloring books. That prevent the needs to make shapes, and allows me to perform artistic activities without talent.

Eventually I tried Art Academy on 3DS and I liked it a lot. I liked the concept of being imprecise to give an impression of something. Again, makes it easier when you have little talent.

Finally, I wanted to give it a try at drawing. Cartoon should be easier for me to draw. I found Christopher Hart's book, I made a few sketches and was pleased with the results.

I still have a lot to learn and possibly an amateur artist will always surpass me. The goal is to be able to create decent artwork for my games.

About This website

In order to become yourself an artist, you can change the color of this website by clicking in the color palette. Or you can resize the width to adapt it to your device.

The pieces of art has been classified by mediums and then by theme. All picture that you see are thumbnails, you can always click on them to view the original picture.

I have been trying to open this website for a long time. So I decided to open early even if the site is incomplete. If some menu are marked with (N/A) it means that no picture are yet available. But there will eventually be pictures when I'll have a chance to upload them. So just come back later to see if new stuff is added.

I still continue to do certain artistic activities, but some medium are easier than other to upload on this website. This is why there can be a significant delay between the creation of the work and it's upload.

Enjoy and have fun!